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Savascript® is a FREE prescription discount card that can provide savings on your prescriptions for up to $95* off of retail value! Every time SavaScript® is used a donation is made to a non-profit organization.

Who We Are

Our Mission

SavaScript® is dedicated to providing consumers with affordable prescription medication prices. SavaScript® also "pays it forward" by providing a donation to non-profit organizations for each time a consumer uses SavaScript®. 

Our Vision

Every time a consumer uses SavaScript® a non-profit organization receives a donation. Our goal is to give back to our community by supporting our volunteers, non-profits, and charity organizations.

Company History

SavaScript® has negotiated prescription discounts at more than 35,000 pharmacies throughout the US, with savings of up to 80% off retail price of FDA approved prescription medications. More often healthcare consumers are finding that the savings SavaScript® provides is lower than the insurance price. 

Community Involvement

 SavaScript® works with organizations to help their members, families, and communities they serve to save on costly prescriptions.  By working with these organizations SavaScript® will not only help individuals afford prescription medications they need, but SavaScript® will make a donation back to non-profit organizations.

How Does It Work?

Saving up to $95* on your prescriptions.

Accepted Everywhere You Are

Our card is accepted at over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, including, but not limited to, CVS, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, and most local, independent pharmacies.

Frequently Asked Questions

SavaScript® prescription discount program is a free prescription discount program that helps users nationwide find the lowest prices on prescriptions at over 35,000 pharmacies using the SavaScript® discount card [and/or mobile app].
At SavaScript®, we believe that everyone should have access to the lowest prices available for their medications, regardless of whether they have insurance or Medicare. The SavaScript® program helps users save up to $95 on prescriptions. The range of prescription discounts provided under this discount program will vary depending on the prescription and pharmacy where the prescription is purchased. SavaScript® is not insurance. It is also not a Medicare prescription drug plan.
SavaScript® has a national network of drugstores and retail outlets, including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Publix, and many others. That’s more than 35,000 pharmacy locations in the US that have partnered with SavaScript® to offer lower prescription prices.

You can find participating pharmacies near you by searching for your zip code on, the SavaScript® mobile app or calling our member support line at 800-999-3053.
At SavaScript®, we realize that pets are often just as much a part of the family as mom, dad and the kids. Using the same SavaScript® card they use for their own prescriptions; cardholders can save money on the prescriptions needed for their furry friend. Just have your vet write out the prescription and take it to the pharmacist.
Yes! You can use the SavaScript® prescription discount program even if you are on Medicare or have insurance. How?
  •  Sometimes, our prices are lower than typical co-pays.
  •  Sometimes insurance doesn't cover a certain drug.
  •  Sometimes a consumer can’t afford their medication due to a high deductible.
One important note: if you use the SavaScript® price, it will not count against your deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, or the so-called Medicare "donut hole" because the SavaScript® prescription discount program is being used instead of Medicare and/or your insurance.

SavaScript® works with its pharmacy partners to negotiate low prices on prescriptions directly with major pharmacies for the SavaScript® program. We pass those savings directly to our users at no cost to them! To use the SavaScript® prescription discount program, simply search for a prescription on the SavaScript® website or mobile app, compare prices between nearby pharmacies, and get your free SavaScript® prescription discount card. Bring the card when you fill your prescription and show it to the pharmacist. Your savings will be reflected at checkout.
Anyone can use SavaScript® to save on their prescriptions regardless of age, income, or health status.  Savascript® is free for everyone to save on their next prescription.  
Anyone in the US including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and US Territories.
Yes, you can use the card as many times as you want.
SavaScript® prescription discounts are only available for prescription medications. Some over- the-counter drugs, such as ibuprofen, have stronger forms that require a prescription, and those forms may be covered.
Yes, we encourage it! Not only can you print out copies of the card for your friends and family, but you can also take a picture of the card with your phone and share them.
No, the SavaScript® card cannot be used together with insurance, it is used instead of insurance and/or Medicare. The discounted rates cannot be combined.
No, when you use the SavaScript® card instead of insurance and/or Medicare, your prescription payment will not be applied to your insurance or Medicare deductible or any out-of-pocket maximums.
Savings may vary, but you can save up to $95 on many prescriptions. You can check the pricing of your prescription online at if you know the exact name, dosage, and quantity of the medication. Always enter your zip code in our search bar to find pharmacies near you with the best savings.

The actual amount saved varies depending on the pharmacy and medication and is subject to change. Our pricing tool on and in the SavaScript® mobile app allows users to search for the best pricing in the area by zip code. If the pharmacy’s price is lower than the discount card price, they will be able to pay the lower price. The average savings off of retail prices is currently $35 per eligible prescription.

35,000+ pharmacies participate in the program, including most major chain and many independent pharmacies. You can visit to learn whether a specific pharmacy participates.
No. There are no fees from Savascript® whatsoever. You only pay for your prescription at the pharmacy counter. There are no membership or other fees.
No. SavaScript® entitles you to purchase your prescriptions at participating pharmacies on a cash basis only. 

Every time Savascript® is used a donation is made to a non-profit organization.  SavaScript® is the program that "pays it forward". 

No. Savascript® does not collect or have any access to any personal information. 

Terms and Conditions

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